Gilly W

I’ve known Ellen for over 17 years. She has always been a highly organised person and quick to see how to get a task done swiftly. As my business grew and I began running out of time to get admin and data tasks done, Ellen was an obvious choice to bring in to assist me. I’m always advising clients to get rid of ‘£10 tasks’ to allow them to concentrate on their own unique skills. It’s been a relief to be able to confidently delegate to Ellen and my business has been able to rapidly grow as a result.

Rachel S

I have had the pleasure of having Ellen on my team for awhile now. And I can honestly say she is a life saver!

She has impressed me with her proactivity, efficiency and her ability to understand exactly what I am looking for, without me needing to spend hours on the phone explaining it to her.

Working with Ellen frees up considerable amounts of my time and energy. This allows me to spend those resources working on revenue generating parts of my business that were being neglected before, and (even better) relaxing with my young family safe in the knowledge that she is hard at work on my business even when I am not!

In short, I would highly recommend Ellen’s services.

Ashly K

After not being able to find work for a while, I became unmotivated.After working with Ellen I felt inspired,I was lost and then she helped me find a clear direction. Building your brand can be daunting but Ellen’s patience, knowledge and creativity makes it a much smoother experience.She is bubbly, creative and extremely efficient which is what makes her so incredible to work with. Highly recommend

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